Sunday, August 21, 2011

I did things this summer. I promise!

... Maybe not the scores of things I set out to do, but still. For instance, I did not investigate the Maya interface. In fact, I took one look at it and closed the window. I did watch a lot of Star Trek. Naturally, I wanted to model my own space ship, but in blender, not Maya. Then I figured out that I could attach key commands to the ship and fly it around the game engine! So cool. Then I strapped on a torpedo launch command and a spot light and BAM, video game (very modest, barely functional video game, mind you). But what is a ship without an environment to fly in or baddies to shoot? Don't have much on the environment end, but I did make a drone type guy (or glorified turret) to fly around and chase after my poor shuttle. AND he explodes when the torpedoes hit him.

What will I do with this, you ask? Nothing. Go back to school and do real things, that's what. Whet my appetite for 3D animation though, so that's good.

Shuttle game clip from Jeff Morice on Vimeo

Shuttle game drone from Jeff Morice on Vimeo