Saturday, June 2, 2012

I have one year to make a film about anything I want!

City Silhouette from Jeff Morice on Vimeo

Check out Mind the Edge, the home of my thesis project! Over the next year, this blog will display the most recent progress on my Senior Film.

My film is about a researcher insistent upon exploring the white nothingness above which her city is suspended. The overcrowded vertical cityscape is crumbling under its own weight. If Udel cannot discover a solution in the nothingness below, further construction in the upper extremities may just cause the entire city to plunge into the mysterious depths.

Blacksheep 2012

We had an awesome showing this year at the annual Blacksheep Animation Festival here at KCAI. We got nearly the entire Junior class to pull together for this massive intro collaboration. This is among my favorite projects from this year.

Handheld Monster

I had the privilege of working with Alison Dixon on her thesis film this year. I'm very happy with how it turned out and very happy for her.

Handheld Monster from Alison Dixon on Vimeo

Three Ways

Three Ways from Jeff Morice on Vimeo


Cascade from Jeff Morice on Vimeo

My Year with the Blue Guy - Maya Projects

My Year with the Blue Guy from Jeff Morice on Vimeo